Dance of the dead.


A tear dripped down her cheek as she walked under the dark sky, naked with no clue of where she was, moonlight passed through the cracks in the clouds enough to see shadows of people masquerading around her in unison with no sense of self or identity, their eyes seemed hollowed with darkness. Scared to death and unable to speak she just kept on walking, her heart beating rapidly. No one looked or glanced as she walked amongst them, her pale naked body shimmering under the moonlight, as she looked around she could see people dancing but there was no music, no sound, dead silence but they danced as if someone, some spirit controlled them, they danced like puppets, all around her she could see people dancing, though she did not see them she could sense, they danced with no emotions, no expressions, she felt that she was amongst dancing mannequins. Scared she continued walking and suddenly there was a sharp creaking sound behind her, she gasped as she turned around, two of the couples fell down stone dead, just like mannequins they fell and crumbled. She screamed though no sound came out of her mouth, no one moved a muscle, every one kept on dancing as if nothing had happened. Shocked and scared, fear gripped her heart, she slowly started backing off, two more fell and crumbled, still no one moved, they just kept dancing. The clouds cleared, and she nearly fainted, the sight in front of her was horrifying, there were no people dancing, all around her creatures with dark clothes, empty eye sockets, faces covered with blood and broken bones poking out of their skeletal body, they danced and kept on dancing as one by one they slowly fell and crumbled to dust. The horrifying sight made her unable to speak, unable to scream, unable to move, more tears dripped down her cheeks, she was completely shell shocked, the creatures kept on dancing and falling to the ground. After a couple of minutes of dead silence, all creatures around her fell and crumbled to dust. Shocked and scared to death she remained still on the spot, after what felt like an eternity, she slowly started to get up. No sooner had she regained her sense, she heard something, Some noise coming from far away, a distant humming was all she could hear, but it was enough to get her back to her senses, she was relieved to hear something after what felt like an eternity of silence. Her heart kept beating fast at the sight she had witnessed, she could not get it out of her head. She looked around and suddenly the distant noise she heard, it grew louder and now she could hear what it was, it was no noise, it was music, a sound of a piano, the music grew louder and louder and she heard another creaking below her, she screamed as she looked down, the things that were supposed to be her legs were broken bones, she looked at her hands, they too were nothing but broken bloodied bones, she screamed and screamed, the music grew louder and louder and suddenly her skeletal arms were up in the air and she moved around back and forth slowly, her now, broken and bloodied body was out of her control, arms in the air she moved back and forth, all the while her screams and the music grew louder as she realized what had happened and where she was, it was too late.

©shankvoN 2021

Little world

Everyone seems happy in their own little world 
The secrets they carry no one can unfurl
The pain behind their smile
Heart fragile
The tears they hide
They won't take any side
Alone in their own mind
they reside
Away from the world
They choose to be
In their own happy little world
Where they would be free.

©shankvoN 2022

At my lowest…

I've been trying to act fine
To tell the truth
I've been lying
Lost my mind
Think it's dying
I don't know
I've been trying
Been smiling all the time
I act like I'm fine
To tell the truth
I've been lying
My mind seems lost
I'm at my bottom line.

©shankvoN 2022


From outside though I look strong
My mind is a cracked glass
Waiting for a trigger to shatter
Though I look physically strong
Mind like a ticking bomb countdown has begun
Mind like a fire work, fuse has been lit
Mind like a target, bullet has been fired
The pain I don't mind
These headaches I supress
These tears I wipe
These emotions I try not to feel
Dreams? I always die in them
Nightmares? I always run in them
Mind like a Russian roulette, the roller has been spun.

©shankvoN 2022

Have you ever heard

Have you ever heard of a heart cry?
I have
It's when your loved ones die
You can't compare it
With this world so high
The pain you feel
You can't deny.
Smiles you can fake
Tears you can't lie
Cry your heart out
Till they dry.
Have you ever heard of a heart cry?
I have
It's when you know
It's the last goodbye.

©shankvoN 2022


You were like the falling star 
I used to see from afar
Every moment, every night
I wished you'd be in my sight
Oh, how I wished I could see you
I could feel you, would i love you
But you disappeared
Like the moon turned blue.
If only I would have had the courage
To reach out my hand towards you
Now it seems so strange
Would you have taken it?
How i wonder as I sit under the sky moonlit.

©shankvoN 2022

Heart of stone

I like to stay at the back
To evade every attack
To my heart, to my body, to my mind
The pain I feel, don't remind
Ride with a heart of stone
I'm so cold and lost alone.
If i could rewind
All the moments and the time
In a blink I would take the deal
With the devil
With or against my will
Ride with a heart of stone
No joy nor no zeal
I'm so cold and lost alone
Been waiting for my last meal.

©shankvoN 2022

In my Diary

I have been writing down my thoughts in my diary
Hoping the lord will fly here.
I have been writing down my thoughts in my diary
Afraid devil's on standby, he's near.
Lost in my mind, lost in my thoughts
Joining all the dots, jotting down the lines.
If I ever have the chance to see my dream
It'll still be a nightmare, they won't let me in.
Sluggish all day, awake at night
Caffeine won't let me sleep
I keep writing down the lines.
If I ever have the chance to be on top
I won't be using stepping stones
To reach the spot.
I have been writing down my thoughts in my diary
Lost in my own little world, entirely.

©shankvoN, 2022

Lone hero

Heart of a lion
Will of a giant
Unfazed but defiant
Hero yet a tyrant.
Sword in the right hand
Sheild at the back
Enemies in the sand
Who dared to attack.
Never lost a fight
Never lost his sight
All the glory and might
He alone stood in light.

©shankvoN 2022

Never too late

Under the moonlit sky
She stood
As the tides rose high
Tears dripped down her eyes
She took a step
To get away
From all the lies.
She went
Deep into the water
She could
Still hear the laughter
Of all the people
Who betrayed her
And caused the disaster
To her dreams
Which got slaughtered.
In the final moment
She heard a voice
It was giving her a choice
To cheer up and rejoice
It's never too late
Just be poise.
Tear filled smile
She took a step back
Determination that she once lacked
Was the reason
For her drawback
It's never too late
For a comeback.

©shankvoN 2022