Dance of the dead.


A tear dripped down her cheek as she walked under the dark sky, naked with no clue of where she was, moonlight passed through the cracks in the clouds enough to see shadows of people masquerading around her in unison with no sense of self or identity, their eyes seemed hollowed with darkness. Scared to death and unable to speak she just kept on walking, her heart beating rapidly. No one looked or glanced as she walked amongst them, her pale naked body shimmering under the moonlight, as she looked around she could see people dancing but there was no music, no sound, dead silence but they danced as if someone, some spirit controlled them, they danced like puppets, all around her she could see people dancing, though she did not see them she could sense, they danced with no emotions, no expressions, she felt that she was amongst dancing mannequins. Scared she continued walking and suddenly there was a sharp creaking sound behind her, she gasped as she turned around, two of the couples fell down stone dead, just like mannequins they fell and crumbled. She screamed though no sound came out of her mouth, no one moved a muscle, every one kept on dancing as if nothing had happened. Shocked and scared, fear gripped her heart, she slowly started backing off, two more fell and crumbled, still no one moved, they just kept dancing. The clouds cleared, and she nearly fainted, the sight in front of her was horrifying, there were no people dancing, all around her creatures with dark clothes, empty eye sockets, faces covered with blood and broken bones poking out of their skeletal body, they danced and kept on dancing as one by one they slowly fell and crumbled to dust. The horrifying sight made her unable to speak, unable to scream, unable to move, more tears dripped down her cheeks, she was completely shell shocked, the creatures kept on dancing and falling to the ground. After a couple of minutes of dead silence, all creatures around her fell and crumbled to dust. Shocked and scared to death she remained still on the spot, after what felt like an eternity, she slowly started to get up. No sooner had she regained her sense, she heard something, Some noise coming from far away, a distant humming was all she could hear, but it was enough to get her back to her senses, she was relieved to hear something after what felt like an eternity of silence. Her heart kept beating fast at the sight she had witnessed, she could not get it out of her head. She looked around and suddenly the distant noise she heard, it grew louder and now she could hear what it was, it was no noise, it was music, a sound of a piano, the music grew louder and louder and she heard another creaking below her, she screamed as she looked down, the things that were supposed to be her legs were broken bones, she looked at her hands, they too were nothing but broken bloodied bones, she screamed and screamed, the music grew louder and louder and suddenly her skeletal arms were up in the air and she moved around back and forth slowly, her now, broken and bloodied body was out of her control, arms in the air she moved back and forth, all the while her screams and the music grew louder as she realized what had happened and where she was, it was too late.

©shankvoN 2021

Never too late

Under the moonlit sky
She stood
As the tides rose high
Tears dripped down her eyes
She took a step
To get away
From all the lies.
She went
Deep into the water
She could
Still hear the laughter
Of all the people
Who betrayed her
And caused the disaster
To her dreams
Which got slaughtered.
In the final moment
She heard a voice
It was giving her a choice
To cheer up and rejoice
It's never too late
Just be poise.
Tear filled smile
She took a step back
Determination that she once lacked
Was the reason
For her drawback
It's never too late
For a comeback.

©shankvoN 2022

Untitled scribbles

Why would I care bout me
When there’s nothing to see
I’m just a grain in the Sand
A needle in the hay
I’m in the ocean of thoughts
And the motion of time
Though it hurts a lot
There’s a lot in my mind.

©shankvoN 2022


Ethereal her nature
She was the hunter
I was a creature
Lost all in the wager.
The mind and her heart
The poisonous dart
The love that i sought
Hurt me a lot.
Blinded by her beauty
Never felt guilty
Lost to the love
Oblivious to the cruelty.
Was happy for a moment
Heart got crushed
Nothing to heal, no ointment
The color of my life
Was been used as a pigment.
I’ll leave it all to fate
Disappointment up to date
It’s never to late
Wish to see the light
I wish to see the gate
Till i reach there
I’ll just sleep in a casket.

©shankvoN 2022


Contemplating in the morning
Contemplating in the night
Thinking so far and hard
I’ve been losing my sight
The future seems so bleak
Lost hope for whom should I seek
For all the lies
That I speak
I’ve been losing my mind
I’m weak
The pain that I feel
No joy nor no zeal
Been thinking of making a deal
With the devil
Or the roulette wheel.

©shankvoN 2022

Ink and sword


When the ink and swords collide
It’s the battle between
Imagination and pride
Will the pen be cast aside
Will it be the swordmaster’s last ride
Either way
In the poet’s world
The fairies would have cried
For the warriors
Who would’ve died.

©shankvoN 2022

A beautiful soul

A virago she was,
A treasure was she,
Not only vivacious,
But an enigmatic beauty.
I found within,
Without even looking for it,
Serendipity indeed twas.

A riant she was,
Or was she a Nirvana,
Irenic her nature,
Galiant indeed, an Elysian,
Ethereal her beauty,
Happiness she brought,
A beautiful soul, Belle àme twas.

©shankvoN 2022

High of the dreams

High off the dreams,
head going down,
kinda like here,
imaginary town.

No laws, no lies,
No violence, no guise,
The utopian dream,
where no dream dies.

Visions and nightmares,
Won’t leave him alone,
Through pain and sorrow,
He remains unknown.

High of the dreams,
head going down
Nightmares pursue,
Trapped and hellbound.

©shankvoN 2022

Long for this dream

I long for this dream,

As I long for that night,
To shower my soul,
With the radiant moonlight,
Snow under my feet,
Aurora over my head,
Makes for a heavenly sight.
My desires within me,
Continues to ignite,
I long for this dream,
As I long for the night.

© shankvoN 2022


As you see the first light of the day,
Gazing over the horizon,
Your vision’s starting to fade away,
As you stare in dismay,
The beautiful colors of the sky,
You feel an array of emotions,
Urging you to sway away,
Though your mind’s transfixed,
It’s implausible to runaway,
Thoughts rushing through your mind,
Leading you astray,
Even though you feel the pain,
Quiescent you stay.

© shankvoN 2022